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April 10 2016

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Barbie Doll - The ideal Figure?

While nobody will argue using the interest in Mattel's Barbie Doll, one area which has raised its great number of controversy over the years is her figure. - Dolls

Many parents from around the globe have argued that Barbie's ultra-slim figure represents a silly standard for any body shape. They say that lots of girls grow up believing that they should have a similar figure as Barbie or there's something wrong with these. While I do not take on that radical of a stance, I will point out that it will be quite challenging to measure approximately Barbie's standards.

For the measurements of Barbie, she had be over 7 feet in height, weigh around 125 pounds, where you can shape of 32-20-42. Needless to say, no woman could conserve a figure like this, however this is when the talk stems.

Moreover, Barbie includes a extended neck. Actually, her neck is virtually twice how big is the typical woman. Her feet are also another method to obtain criticism with lots of praoclaiming that Barbie's feet are only half how big an average womans on account of foot binding. That's the practice of preventing your feet from growing by constricting them.

Some have went as far as stating that the Barbie doll is responsible for their young children to get anorexic from wanting to maintain Barbie's figure. I do believe that could be a little extreme, but I can see both sides.

Lately, Mattel has provided in a tiny bit for this issue and widened Barbie's waist somewhat. This came about across the 2000. Barbie presenting a more proportioned waist.

Regardless of what Barbie's figure appears like, or who's wrong or right on this issue, the actual winner on this debate is Mattel. An added controversy and publicity only allows you fuel sales. I wonder why nobody discusses Ken's figure? - Dolls

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